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All of my quilting is done on a Gammill Statler Stitcher Optimum. This computer-guided longarm system can quilt nearly any design with utmost precision. I currently offer edge-to-edge quilting (one pattern covering the entire quilt.) I can accept quilts up to 118” x 118” NEW! See all of my available quilting designs here.

  • Edge To Edge Quilting
    Minimum fee $40 or $0.015/sq. in. This includes one pattern, stitched over the entire quilt.
  • Thread
    I currently use OMNI (polyester) quilting thread, which is included in the cost of your quilting.
    I also offer a high-sheen poly thread, Magnifico, for
    an additional $5.
  • Batting
    I use Quilters Dream Batting. It’s wonderful and made in the U.S., with many options to choose from. Batting pricing is as follows:

Batting Throw
up to 54” x 54”
up to 66” x 87”
up to 87” x 90”
up to 87” x 102”
Super Queen
up to 87” x 115”
up to 116” x 116”
Dream Cotton Natural Select
$9 $13 $15 $17 $18 $24
Dream Cotton Natural Deluxe
$12 $16 $19 $22 $23 $29
Dream Poly Select
$7 $10 $12 $13 $14 $16
Dream Poly Deluxe
$8 $11 $13 $15 $16 $18
Dream Green*
$7 $10 $12 $13 $14 $17
*Dream Green is made from recycled plastic bottles! The batting is actually green in color, and is not recommended for use with white or very light colored quilts, as it may show through.
Feel free to send your own batting with your quilt top, but note that it must be at least 4 inches larger than your quilt top on all sides. (For example, if your quilt is 20″ x 20″ then your batting must be at least 28″ x 28″)

Shipping – $12

Your quilt will be shipped back to you via FedEx Ground. You will be emailed tracking information once your quilt has been shipped. I am happy to offer expedited shipping at an additional cost. Free local dropoff/pickup is available for locals in the Roanoke area! $12 FedEx Shipping is only available for customers in the continental U.S. Have Pricing Questions or Comments? Email Me!

Preparing Your Quilt

  • Press quilt top and backing well
  • Trim any loose threads from the front and back of your quilt top
  • Your quilt top should be free of embellishments
  • Square your top and backing and make sure your seams all lay flat. This is very important to prevent pleats and puckers. Keep your quilt tops square by squaring your blocks as you go. If you don’t have a border on your quilt, it’s advisable to stay-stitch around the edges of your quilt top to prevent seams from stretching or coming loose. Quilt edges and borders that do not lay flat may cause tucks, pleats or fullness.
  • Your batting and backing must be at least 4″ larger than your quilt top on all sides. For example, if your quilt top is 20 x 20, your backing and batting must be at least 28 x 28
  • If there is a top side to your quilt top and/or backing, please mark it somehow.
  • Do not pin or baste your layers together

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